The ways on how to play a tongue drum

The sound of steel tongue drums comes from the vibration of the tongues / slits which are cut out of the top of the instrument. In this way, the hank drum is different to the Hang and handpan imitations. All of our steel tongue drums have 8 notes that is a full octave, and the order climbing up the scale from the lowest note to the highest note.


Play a note that is, using drumstick and quickly dampen it with a finger on your other hand. The quick, short tone almost sounds digital, like electronic dance music. Mix and match longer, lingering notes with short, dampened notes. To 'dampen' all of the notes at once (while freeing both hands), stuff something soft inside the drum (but not too tightly), for example a small cushion or an old jumper. Then all of the notes are shorter, and you can play faster tunes, with more distinction between the notes. If your tongue drum has very deep tones, make a new drumstick using lots of thick rubber bands wrapped around the handle of your existing drumstick to create a softer tip. Softer sticks will bring out the best sound of deep tones. Sit down and put your AM Drum on your lap on its side. Use one hand to completely cover the hole on the bottom. Play a note on the top side with a drumstick (for a lingering sound). Just as (or a split second after) you play the note, move your hand slightly away from the drum and then cover the hole again. You then get a tremolo effect.

Playing by hand

Pretend the tongue of the hank drum is burning hot. Use the very tip of your index finger, from an upwards angle (so you're using the boniest bit, not the soft, fleshy pad). Tap the note quickly, fairly hard, with the bony tip of your finger (as if you wanted to annoy your older brother). Try a kind of flicking action too.

How can the sounds from Tongue Drums help provide relaxation ?

Have you ever heard the saying "music is the language of the soul?" This is especially true when it comes to Tongue Drums. These instruments can help connect with your inner self and provide a sense of relaxation like no other. Why is this important? Because in today's fast-paced world, we often forget to slow down and just be. Tongue Drums have been used for centuries as a way to soothe the mind and body. The vibrations created by these drums can help to reduce stress, anxiety ( [...]

Crazy about bubbles, bet on a newer jacuzzi!

To fully appreciate the benefits of a spa or an inexpensive spa bath on a longer scale, it is worth maintaining it well. To this end, take into account the advice that will be given in this article in order to guarantee a longer life for your equipment and the accessories that compose it. The first tip relates to the maintenance of filters. The normal frequency of cleaning the filters is at least once a week. By complying with this requirement, you will ensure good filtration and you will (jacuzi tubs) [...]

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As we all know, the bathrooms are improved by jacuzzis. this may make your home spa desire a luxury bedroom or a restorative retreat. So why not experience your home with a hot tub on sale? Stop dreaming and treat yourself with a jacuzzi on the web site since they provide jacuzzis purchasable.Why not plan to get your own paradise now?It's the absolute pleasure to possess a bathtub reception , whether you would like to spend some time together with your family or friends. [...]

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