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Today, I will tell you my trip in the south-west of France, specifically in Biarritz. I first visited this town in the Basque Country to enjoy the sun, the scenery and also the local gastronomy. But I was soon seduced by BTZ’s beaches; Splendid beaches where I enjoy good waves for my holidays. BTZ is a city that I recommend to all surfers.

A wide range of beaches and surf spots

With its 4 km of the beach, it is quite normal that the city counts as many beaches. There are six in total. On the way, you can choose between the popular Grande Plage, the legendary Côte des Basques and the quiet beach of Marbella. All these beaches have their particularity.

For my part, I am strolled on the different beaches and I had a favorite for the beach of Marbella. It is a beach indeed calm, because little frequented by swimmers. So you can bask in the sun in peace. It is also one of the favorite beaches for surfers. The only downside is that you will have to come with all your equipment.

There are no rental shops in the area. Other beaches like the Côte des Basques count a good number of surfboard rental biarritz.

Biarritz is not just surfing

What i really liked in this Basque city, besides practicing my favorite sport, has been to discover a unique landscape. The cliffs, the beaches of fine and golden sand will have allowed me to spend an extraordinary stay.

In addition, as a surf and history buff, I could not pass by the Biarritz Ocean Museum. It is a complex that brings together the museum of the sea as well as the city of ocean and surf. For surfing enthusiasts, this is undoubtedly a must-to-see when you are in this city.

Do not forget to enjoy local foods. Raised with Espelette pepper, the local specialties are a real treat. This surf trip to BTZ will be an unforgettable one and it would be unfair not to recommend this destination to surfers as well as lovers of good food and sun.

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