A great gift for a loved one

This lovely picture book is a great way to teach you about these memorable moments. In a book they would like to go through when they think about your life, leave a legacy for your family. Write a book celebrating your life's wonderful moments. These days, your girlfriend would want to see it and stay with you. Visit www.mysocialbook.com were we have a compiled of useful, innovative and dignified gifts that will please your loved one. A real crush on the team.

Find the gift that will please!

Everything is planned to find a gift idea in a few clicks. Choose to whom the present is addressed (because we do not offer the same thing to a woman as to a man), the relationship that unites you (a friend, a member of my family), enter his age as well as your budget. Do you want to further filter gift ideas? You have the possibility to choose the passions of this person (he likes cooking, she likes cinema, and he likes decoration). You just have to choose the type of event (I will offer the gift for a birthday, Christmas, housewarming). You will then see a large number of products, which you can then filter little by little in order to find the perfect gift idea.

For the whole family

Each day, you will find on average 4 new items on our site. You will be able to discover new gift ideas in order to complete your package (or rather the Santa Claus hood). We select the best products for you to allow you to offer original gifts to your whole family (regardless of age or passion). Did you know? We offer the gift pack option to save you even more time. To do this, simply check the box on the page of the product in question. The gift will arrive perfectly.

The Chronicle of Life Collection

The Chronicles of a Golden Woman and a Golden Man are two souvenir books for people 50 and over. In the form of questions and answers, this book makes it possible to simply relate the small and great moments of life. This activity allows the elder to relate and remember memories. From childhood to retirement, this book covers family life, love, studies, career, travel, historical events and much more. The whole family will be delighted to listen and read the stories of the adventures in the life of their grandparent. An inspiring and invaluable testimony that brings generations together.

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