False News? Examples of False Headlines You Shouldn't Believe

We live in an era where news is everywhere. You can get it from your favorite website, on TV, or even just by scrolling through the headlines of your Facebook feed. However, with so much information out there, it's hard to know what you should believe and what you shouldn't!

In this blog post we're going to explore some examples of false headlines that many people have been fooled by over the years. Hopefully this will help readers be more skeptical when they see a headline that seems too good to be true!

False News: Kobe Bryant Doesn't Retire! lakers rumors hours ago

Did you hear the news about Kobe?

He's not retiring after all...or is he? Unfortunately, this headline was just a ploy to get people reading and clicking on the article. Since many fans were disappointed that they didn't see this headline come true, even though it turned out to be false, we wanted to give everyone some laughs with our funny fake story here today! This example of false news shows how quickly something can spread online - even if it isn't real. One thing we've learned from these examples is that before sharing or believing any type of information (especially when it comes from an unverified source), you should do your research to see if it's fake!

False News: US Government Takes Down lakers rumors hours ago.

Is the government taking down Kobe Bryant?

This headline may sound ridiculous, but over time there have been several reports of lakers rumors hours ago being taken down by everyone from governments to hackers. Since lakers rumors have become such a popular topic of discussion, there have been many lakers rumors hours ago that are spreading false information. In the past few days alone there were several lakers.

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