About Magaly

Magaly d. Rodriguez, Co-Founder, Partner Volentum

Mission in Life: Contributing to Global Peacemaking Community

Author and specialist in making it easier to grow, learn and change through leadership, culture and engagement.

Magaly has more than 20 years of experience working with senior officers in DuPont, International Paper, LP Corporation, Masonite, Coca Cola, Arizona Chemical and Calgon Carbon. She worked with seminaries, universities, schools, churches, inner city groups, migrant farm workers and Native American tribes.

Magaly designed a Vitalization Blueprint (a Change Simplifier) to speed organizational change using a proven 48-hour program field-tested with more than 75,000 participants. Participants typically emerge more energized, hopeful and skilled in problem solving. Best of all, participants tend make voluntary behavior change.

Magaly’s unique approaches to work culture and community make it easier to improve bottom line results, morale, trust and accountability. Several companies have adopted her methodologies as Best Practices.

She has developed for Volentum, proprietary tools and is a recognized thought leader in:

  • Vitalizing Change – a way of working that energizes those involved
  • Change Intelligence – a quality found in work cultures that are rich in creativity, engagement and rapid learning
  • Peacemaking –  skills for moving beyond conflict resolution toward taking action on issues in a way that reduces conflict and promotes respectful dialogue.
  • Expensive Behavior – actions that waste time, money and create emotional distress in others
  • Respectful Contrary – a tool for resolving conflicts and addressing sensitive issues with less stress.

Magaly was born in Havana, Cuba, and has lived in Germany, Panama, the Dominican Republic and the United States. She was an Adrian Dominican nun for several years in Detroit and the Dominican Republic. Her travels profoundly influenced the development of the creative peacemaking ideas that are now the subject of several articles and book chapters written by others. As an educator and author, Magaly enjoys contributing to the renewal of individuals, work cultures and society.  She believes that change does not have to be slow, painful and hard and that “It is never too late to grow genius.”


  • Freshman and Sophomore years 1962-64 Barry University, Miami, Florida.
  • B.A. 1967 Siena Heights College, Adrian, Michigan.  Major in History, Minors in Philosophy, English  and Theology.  Deans List.
  • M.S. 1976 Degree in Human Resources, with a specialty in Bilingual, Bicultural Education and Counseling from St. Thomas University, Miami, Florida.