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My name is Magaly. I designed this blog whose purpose is to share my passions and all the little things that interest me in life. Here you will find different categories related to lifestyle and fashion, travel and tourism, health and wellness, real estate, home and decoration, finance and credits etc. In short, I speak a bit of everything even topics that I do not really know but that interests me and that I want to know better.

Why did I design this blog?

Everyone has his reasons why he decided to design a site or blog. Do you want to know mine? First, it is simply because I like to write. Although I do not really have the pen of great writers and famous authors, I have always been a great enthusiast of reading and writing. Then, my blog is particularly based on sharing. Of course, my goal is not commercial. I just wish to make known little things that may be someone might need. Through my articles, I try to bring useful information for my readers. Finally, I also wish to make known my passions. Of course, not all subjects that I deal with are necessarily exciting. But the vast majority of categories in my blog speak about subjects that I appreciate singularly.

Where does the idea of ​​blogging come from?

Before, I was content to write my journeys for example in my travel diary. When I make new recipes, I note them on another small notebook. It took me several notebooks to record everything that goes on in my head. One day, I criss-crossed the web to refresh my ideas. I came across a blog that simply seduced me. Then came the idea of ​​having one like this. I started to learn about the creation of blog and I started to build my site and to regroup my notes to finally put online. Since then, I no longer have to write in notebooks. Everything is now in this blog.

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